About Us

Welcome to PCB Tek  


PCB Tek provides an Electronic Development Service from "Concept and Design" to "Prototyping and Production" embracing your technical requirements and budget. Our Clients range from National Brand Names, Industrial, Experimenters, Inventors, Academia, Industrial, SME's. We specialize in Prototyping, PCBs, Cloning Obsolete Electronics, Special One Offs, Low to Medium Volume Production and Assembly work, Electronic Spares and Repairs.    

Our Senior Managing Partners have, individually, over 50 years Industrial and Technical Experience, supported by a small network of Independent Design Engineer Associates, together providing a wealth of practical experience and a solid foundation for innovative Client solutions.

You can provide us with what you need, whether it be a schematic, sketches, or detailed designs, or request us to perform the required work to your own specifications. We never make promises that we do can do everything and can therefore access our network of Independent Design Associates to assist with work outside our own in-house expertise. 


PCB Tek We pay special attention to project management, detail and quality to ensure a successful product in the shortest time. In order to provide our clients with a top class service using the very best facilities available we augment our internal development facilities using several advanced manufacturing facilities, located in the region, to fabricate and assemble complex or high density boards.


In certain instances we can also offer a Collaborative Manufacturing [CMA] option that can deliver top quality product at the lowest possible component and manufacturing costs. 


We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa and have been focusing mainly on servicing the African continent and regions but we also service inquiries from anywhere globally.  



Confidentiality For sensitive applications we can enter into Confidentiality Agreements [CA] and Non-Circumvention Non-Disclosure Agreements [NCND] to suit your needs and advance your product development or production safely.

We do not name drop our Clients details to impress others or to gain new business, nor do we provide referrals of any kind. ALL work and ALL information is compartmentalized, so your business is always handled with the utmost confidentiality.